SBE Chapter 42 Newsletter

Meeting Minutes / Notes
May 3, 2018

Newsletter / Notes

Meeting commenced at 6:35 pm.

Motion to approve last meeting minutes as stated - accepted.

Frequency report - Frequency coordination information was passed along to our group via e-mail, as well as at this meeting, regarding the upcoming Department of Defense Palm Bay operations. Below are the points of contact in the unlikely event that satellite uplink emissions produce an unacceptable impact to area ENG operations.

  • Giovanni Minelli (831) 277-3466
  • David Rigmaiden (831) 236-5206
  • Jim Newman (831) 392-5789

  • Any concerns about other events, should be forwarded to Lou Mueller. (

    Treasury Report:
    • Opening Balance - $5407.95
    • Disbursements - $ 0.00
    • Closing Balance (as of 3/7/2018) - $5407.95

    Committee Reports:
    • Membership - No activity
    • Certification - No activity
    • EAS Report - No activity

    Old Business - No activity due to cancelled April meeting. (NAB convention)

    New Business -

    On April 19, 2018, the FCC instituted a freeze on applications for any new receive-only Earth stations in the 3.7 to 4.2 Ghz frequency band. (C-band) however the commission has allowed existing earth stations to be registered until July 18, 2018. There is a $435 registration fee per C-band downlink, unless you are a non-commercial educational facility. More information can be found at the homepage, and at the SBE national website. (

    Meeting adjourned at 6:50 pm.


    Tonight’s technology presentation provided by: Lightning and Broadcast Facilities

    Presented by: Bruce Kaiser, Chairman and CEO – Lightning Master Corporation

    Topic: Lightning protection systems, static control products, and surge protection devices.