SBE Chapter 42 Newsletter

Meeting Minutes / Notes
February 8, 2018

Newsletter / Notes

Meeting commenced at 6:34 pm.

Motion to approve last meeting minutes as stated - accepted.

Frequency report - No activity reported

Treasury Report:

  • Opening Balance - $4994.32
  • Disbursements - $ 0.00
  • Income - $413.63
  • Closing Balance (as of 2/6/2018) - $5407.95

Committee Reports:
  • Membership - New/transfer SBE-42 member: Abraham Suarez.
  • Certification - No activity
  • EAS Report - The FCC recently adopted a new Blue Alert code. The code will be used for warnings about imminent danger to law enforcement authorities. The FCC’s Order has been published, and has provided a one year timeframe for new equipment, or upgrades to existing equipment, to be rolled out. Broadcasters will need to implement these new EAS codes and prepare to use them by 1/18/2019.

Old Business - SBE-42 elected officers for 2018 have been elected as follow:
Chairman- Randy Woods-WPOZ
Vice Chairman- Jim Kauffman-Cox/WFTV
Treasurer- Jeff Juniet-WFTV
Secretary- Dave Palmeira-WVEN-TV

New Business -

1- Motion to approve new webmaster for SBE-42 accepted. He is Nathan Strack - WFTV
2- SBE-53, of South Florida, is holding a Ennes Workshop in Miami Gardens. Event is scheduled for March 2, 2018. Information for this very informative event can be obtained at:

Meeting adjourned at 6:45 pm.


Tonight’s technology presentation provided by:

Presented by: John Lynch, from Broadcast Supply Worldwide, and Alex Bonello of Insoft, LLC.

Topic: Migration from “Digital Radio” to “Visual Radio”. HDV Mixer System as a viable solution.