SBE Chapter 42 Newsletter

Meeting Minutes / Notes
June 8, 2017

Newsletter / Notes

Meeting commenced at 6:30 pm.

Motion to approve May minutes as stated. Motion was seconded and so approved.

Frequency report - Space-X Florida

Coordination for pre-launch checkout of TTC links for commercial payload mission, including operation of the fairing re-rad system, prior to flight per FCC STA license 0448-EX-ST-2017. The test will run from 6/12 till 6/19. The emission parameters including frequencies and power levels are the same as referenced in the license.

Any questions or concerns regarding this can be forwarded to: Nadar Damavandi, Principal RF Engineer
Space Exploration Technologies

Treasury Report:

  • Opening Balance - $5645.94
  • Disbursements - $200.59
  • Income - $0.00
  • Closing Balance $5445.35

Committee Reports:
  • EAS Report - Minor receiver issue at LP-1 primary, promptly resolved. System back at 100% operation.
  • Membership - No activity
  • Certification - No activity

Old Business - Training seminar for RF-101 2-day seminar/class by GatesAir on going – plans to be finalized.

New Business - Rebate income received from SBE. Motion to apply these funds towards a $1000 contribution to WPOZ for the on-going use of their conference facilities for our monthly meetings was tabled. Motion was seconded and so approved.

Meeting adjourned at 6:40 pm.

Tonight’s technology presentation, “Media over IP”,
provided by: Panasonic, presented by Michael Bergeron